Getting Started

How to Get started working out with us:

Option A:  Contact us to come in, meet us, and have your questions answered.

Option B:  Contact us to come in and try a workout.

We’re not at the gym 24-7, so don’t just show up thinking you’re gonna get to jump in on a class, or that we’re gonna be there.  Email or call 1st, so we can give you the attention you deserve.

We’ll talk about what our Foundations Sessions consist of, as well as attending regular Group Classes.

We also offer Private Coaching/Personal Training.  We still use the CrossFit method, just in a smaller, more Personal setting.

Contact us for a FREE TRIAL Workout OR to just come in, tour the gym, and have your questions answered to see if we’re right for you. We can do trial workouts at other times as well.  Just let us know what’s good for you.  Do that below, or call 913-901-7300, to let us know what you’d like.

1) Email, or use the following form.

2)  Show up, ready to sweat.  Bring some water with you-it’s life-giving.  We’ll have you sign a waiver, just in case you die while you’re here.  Then we’ll warm you up, stretch you out, coach you through a workout, help you get up, and then answer any questions you have about us and what we do, or CrossFit in general.

**If you’re an experienced CrossFitter, you probably already know the drill, so just contact us to try out a Group Class.


No clue about CrossFit?  Click on the link below to watch a video:

Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

**One thing you do want to make sure of:  Make sure someone claiming to offer the CrossFit brand of training is an officially licensed CrossFit Affiliate.  CrossFit is growing in popularity due to it’s unbelievable effectiveness.  Unfortunately that means that crook-types will try to sell you some knock-off of the real thing.  Not a big deal until someone gets hurt, then they’re bad-mouthing CrossFit, when they actually weren’t even doing CrossFit in the 1st place.  You can do that here: