Eating healthy goes hand in hand with exercise.  You can come into the gym and work your tail off, but if you change nothing in your diet, your results will be limited and slow.  Of course every person is different and there are those people out there who can make incredible gains in their workouts and look great while not changing anything in their diet.  Let me be clear when I say...that will not be you.  As a general rule 99.9% of us will need to change and it's not always about the way we look or how fast our time is.  Sometimes, it's all about the way we feel.  "I don't want to be tired all the time."  "I don't want to have headaches, or stomach pain."  We generally feel like our food looks, fresh and crisp! or lifeless and stale.

To access the complete guide to nutrition on a zone and paleo diet please visit the link below.