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What We Offer

CrossFit Group Classes

This is the heart of what we do…a 1-hour class where you show up ready to workout, with an emphasis on the WORK, and we lead you through a warm-up, then a specific skill or strength movement, then start the clock for the WoD/Workout of the Day, during which you will receive instruction, feedback and encouragement.  Then you get some cool-down work or stretches to help with the soreness.  After that you crawl out to your car to go home.


CrossFit Foundations

This is required before joining the regular classes.  6 class sessions over 2 weeks, where each sessions builds upon the previous session.  This is where you get familiar with the common movements we do in CrossFit, work on yourForm with those movements,  work on Consistency, and gradually ramp up theIntensity to find what you can tolerate.



For middle-school to high-school students:  Training in the Olympic lifts, to develop better body awareness and movement patterns for life and for sport, working on strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, power and speed for all athletic, and non-athletic, endeavors.  This routine will improve athletic performance and prevent injury-in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.


Private Foundations

Can’t attend Foundations because of scheduling?  New to exercise?  Pregnant or just had a baby?  Coming off an orthopedic injury?  Private Foundations will give you the best success, where you will get more personalized coaching, encouragement, and accountability.

Generally 10 to 12 workouts over a 3-4 week period.  Movements will be more specific to your current fitness level and needs, and progressed at a slightly slower pace.  If you have pre-existing injuries or are deconditioned, additional Personal Training sessions may be required before moving into our fast-paced group classes, though this is usually not the case.


Personal Training

For folks who aren’t comfortable working out in a group setting, or who feel they need some extra attention to work on certain skills/movements.  1 hour per session.


Nutritional Consult

We’ll measure your body-fat, then give you a Zone recommendation specific to your measurements, with portions and food choices to empower you to eliminate body-fat, build lean muscle, optimize your performance, and of course improve how you look.


Movement Analysis

CrossFit is about functional movements–this includes running, squatting, lifting things overhead, lifting things from the floor, and just about everything else you can think of.    If you’re performing a functional movement, and it’s causing pain, your body is telling you there is something not right.  It needs either surgical repair, or it’s a result of your crappy movement patterns and/or posture.  The vast majority of the time it’s the latter, unless of course you’ve had a 280 lb. football player fall onto your knee, then you probably need surgery.  If you’re having pain but there was no impact injury which caused it, it’s probably a result of a poor movement pattern. Now maybe you just want surgery, and not be able to do anything with your repaired arm or leg for a few months, and the doctor will probably tell you you’ll never be able to do whatever again.  But guess what, if you go back to your same crappy movement patterns, your pain will eventually return.  It may take a few months, or maybe a few years, but it will be back.  With my 15+ years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and analyzing hundreds of people, we can determine what the root cause is, and how to fix it.  If running hurts your knees, you’re not running correctly.  This includes squatting too.  I’ve heard countless people say, “Oh, I don’t squat. It’s bad for the knees.”  The way you’re doing it probably is bad for the knees, so you need to start doing it right.  Have you sat on the toilet today-how did you get down there?  Unless you did a back-flip and landed on it, you did a squat.  Or maybe you’re stuck there-hopefully you can get up off of it–without pain!