Halloween FrankenFran


FrankenFran is a fundraiser to support efforts against Ovarian Cancer. All proceeds will go to KU Medical Center Ovarian Cancer Research. Costume clad teams of 2 compete in three seperate WoD's, open to all ability levels. Suggested donation of $20/person. Donations matched up to $1000. 

Workout #1 – “The Broomstick Total”
With an 8:00 Running Clock, the team will find a 1-Rep Heavy at each Movement:
Overhead Squat

Beforehand, the team decides which athlete will complete which movement. Each athlete completes one movement, not both

At the call of 3-2-1 Go, the first athlete is up, who will be completing the Clean. This can be a power or squat clean. 4:00 to find their best heavy lift, and can take as many attempts as they would like in the 4:00 window. 

At the 4:00 mark on the clock, we transition to the second athlete, who will be completing the Overhead Squat. Using the rack, the overhead squat athlete will have 4:00 to find their best lift.

Teammates are allowed to help change weights for teammates, and clips must be on every single attempt! Weights will be evenly distributed to each station so that teams don’t need to run to and from the weight racks.

Sum of the best lifts, divided by your team's bodyweight, is your team score for workout #1.  Highest score wins that workout.

Workout #2 – “The Spooky Sprint”
As a Team, for Time:
60 Calorie Row
50 Barbell Repetitions
40 Burpees

Depending on the athletes strengths, your style on the Barbell and burpees changes slightly in difficulty – so let’s plan ahead with our teammates here!

On all of the movements, when athletes are up for their turn, they are to complete a minimum of 5 repetitions at the station, or up to 15 reps at that station, before tagging out to their teammate.

Station #1 – 60 Calorie Row
Each team will have a single rower!

Station #2 – 50 Barbell Repetitions
One athlete performs Hang Power Snatches (65#)
One athlete may perform Deadlifts (65#)

Station #3 – 40 Burpees
Athlete #1 will complete burpees (jump and clap overhead to finish the repetition).
Athlete #2 will complete burpee box jumps to a 20” box (step-ups allowed).

This workout is for time!

Workout #3 – “Pieces of Fran”
2 Rounds for time:
300 Meter Team Run

                                                            21-15-9 Wallballs, 20/14#                                                           21-15-9 Pull-ups

This workout is for time!

Athletes complete a 300 meter run together. Upon return…One athlete begins on the Wallballs.  Minimum of 5 is required before a change.  After 21 reps are completed, move on to pull-ups.  Athletes may scale to jumping pull-ups, and will be limited to no more than 5 at a time.
Athletes completing chin-over bar pull-ups may do between 5 & 10 repetitions.



Captain Crunch

3 rounds:
12 Deadlifts (95/65)
9 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
6 Push Jerks (95/65)
Max Calorie Row in Time Remaining
rest 4:00
2 rounds:
12 Deadlifts (135/95)
9 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push Jerks (135/95)
Max Calorie Row in Time Remaining
rest 4:00
1 round:
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
6 Push Jerks (155/105)

Max Calorie Row in Time Remaining



WANTED:  People who want to improve their lives by improving their fitness.  Requirements are the following:

Coachable:  You must have a willingness to learn, and to do your best to do the hard stuff--not necessarily what you want to do, but what you need to do.

Open to community:  We're all in this thing called life together, and we're all choosing to improve.  You will be encouraged, and will be expected to be a positive encouragement to others.

No complaints:  We all have excuses, we all have days when we don't feel like doing the hard stuff. This is when growth occurs.  Keep a positive mindset.


What do you want?

Ever wonder how people are able to stay so fit and stick with their exercise routines?  It's easy! THEY SHOW UP. That pretty much sums it up.  I always tell people the hardest part of CrossFit is showing up.  If you can do that, we will take care of the rest. We'll provide you with a workout, show you how to do the movements, and scale it to your ability. Don't be that person who is afraid to start, afraid you will not be able to do the workout, afraid that you might actually be able to attain your goals (that last bit was sarcasm my friends). 

This week one of our members brought in her almost 80 year old mother to workout. We scaled the workouts to what she could do, and she loved it! She came back every day this week, and now she's more fit.

What is holding you back? Want to lose that extra 40 pounds you've been carrying around? Want to have better balance and mobility? Want to compete in a marathon or triathlon? Want to be able to play with your kids and grandkids? Want to be more fit? Want better health? Want a better life? 

S H O W   U P   .