Comfort...or growth?


My kids have all had them, and they still do at times: Growing Pains.  It’s pain that is produced when the bones are growing, most of the time in the legs but at times in the arms.  With this quick growth comes pain.  No pain = No growth.  You can’t have both comfort and growth when it comes to improving your fitness, not if you don’t have all day to spend in the gym. Growth in your fitness level means better endurance, more strength, more speed, more flexibility, less bodyfat, improved blood pressure, less pain, emerging abs, and the list goes on.  How do we get that growth?  It’s takes intensity, because there’s a direct correlation between intensity and results.  More intensity = better results.  That’s what most of us love about CrossFit-the intensity, that feeling you can’t go on, but you manage to anyway, the sense of accomplishment afterward, knowing you couldn’t have worked any harder.  The #1 rule in Ben Smith’s CrossFit box is this: “It won’t be easy.  And you wouldn’t want it to be.”  Who is Ben Smith?  Just the recently crowned Fittest Man on Earth.  So if you’re ready for results like never before, and you’re ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable, then we’ve got the path ready for you!