NUTRITION 301 - Fish Oil


"Dr. Barry Sears, regarded as 'one of the foremost omega-3 experts,' recommends at least 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA should be your minimum daily potency intake to maintain optimal health."

Bottom line:  Wanna be less efficient at storing body-fat?  Wanna have an omega-3 ratio-level that promotes wellness rather than illness?  You answer should be Yes to both questions btw.

Then start eating seafood regularly, like almost daily, or supplement with omega-3 fish oil, specifically EPA and DHA.

Most labels are in mg, or milligrams, which translates to thousandths of grams.  If one capsule contains 400 mg of EPA, and 100 mg of DHA, then you should be taking 5 capsules per day, in order to meet the 2.5 grams daily as recommended by Dr. Sears.  The math breakdown looks like this:  400 + 100 = 500 mg, or 0.5 g            0.5 X _____ = 2.5         _____ = 5                       You see what I did there?  I know how to do math!

What I personally do?  My brand has 900 mg per capsule, so I take 4 per day, as I'm not the best eater when it comes to a variety of food sources, so I go a little overboard, just in case.      1 in the am, 1 at lunch, 2 at dinner, or supper, if you prefer.

This doesn't require any elimination of foods from your diet, so it should be doable, unless a physician has told you not to for some reason.  Start here, get this right day in, day out, and we'll move on from there.  This step will get you just a little bit better today than yesterday!