What do you want?

Ever wonder how people are able to stay so fit and stick with their exercise routines?  It's easy! THEY SHOW UP. That pretty much sums it up.  I always tell people the hardest part of CrossFit is showing up.  If you can do that, we will take care of the rest. We'll provide you with a workout, show you how to do the movements, and scale it to your ability. Don't be that person who is afraid to start, afraid you will not be able to do the workout, afraid that you might actually be able to attain your goals (that last bit was sarcasm my friends). 

This week one of our members brought in her almost 80 year old mother to workout. We scaled the workouts to what she could do, and she loved it! She came back every day this week, and now she's more fit.

What is holding you back? Want to lose that extra 40 pounds you've been carrying around? Want to have better balance and mobility? Want to compete in a marathon or triathlon? Want to be able to play with your kids and grandkids? Want to be more fit? Want better health? Want a better life? 

S H O W   U P   .