Let the OPEN begin!!

The OPEN season is now.  Now is the time to get after it, for the next 5 weeks. Get some extra rest, eliminate some of the junk food, and devote yourself to going extra hard on one workout per week.  

Why do we want everyone to participate in the open? Because everyone needs a season, a time for more focus, and less screwing around, a time to remind yourself of what you're capable of, a time to test your limits.

To prove your fitness!  Not to your coach, not to your workout partners, but to yourself. Prove to yourself that you can go a little bit harder, that you can hold onto that barbell for a little longer, that you can take a little more discomfort, that you can make it for one more round.  And the most important thing, to Have Some Fun.  3….2…..1….Go.

Watch the announcement of 16.1 at Blue Valley CrossFit at 6:45pm Thursday.  Do 16.1 after the announcement with Hal Roberts OR watch him suffer through it.