Results Are In

CONGRATULATIONS to these folks for completing the latest Whole Life Challenge, listed in order of highest to lowest point totals:

  1. Laura Roberts
  2. Jim White
  3. Cait Purrinton
  4. Jessica Espenmiller
  5. Kevin Bailey
  6. Jason Harrison
  7. Kate LaTerza
  8. Krista Knoflicek
  9. Yazmin Ramirez
  10. Greg Harvey

Without exception, everyone showed an improvement in work capacity on their benchmark workout, as well as a loss in weight on the scale and/or a loss in inches in the places that matter.

The biggest improvements came from a combination of consistent exercise participation and eating well.  Some improvements resulted from sporadic exercising and good eating, with the smallest improvements coming from some exercising and continued what I would classify as poor eating habits.  Of particular note was an improvement in work capacity from better nutrition, with very little to no exercise participation, actually showing a greater percentage improvement than doing a lot of exercising and not changing eating habits much.  This small sample size shows once again where the CrossFit prescription gets it right: 

  1. You cannot out-exercise a bad nutrition plan, especially after the age of about 35.
  2. Nutrition should be the foundation of all we do, as the CrossFit hierarchy shows.

So where do we go from here?  Your body is your laboratory.  Continue with what you know is working.  If the challenge proved too restrictive, then add what you "need" back into your diet, whether it be dairy, or gluten, or complex carbs, but add these back in one at a time, to determine if these items benefit you, or if you are intolerant of them, resulting in poor performance or feeling poorly.  If you add everything back in, and you're back to the diet you were following before we started this journey, then you just took a 2 month detour really for no apparent reason.  The point of the challenge was to show you what you're capable of, and how your body performs at its best.  Also, there's something to be said for reflections, and commenting to your fellow life challengers.  It's better to be positive toward others who are making a change, as well as acknowledging your own progress.  While you were encouraging one another, others were celebrating the crap they were eating, and drinking.  There's no reason to celebrate eating crap really-it's much better to celebrate successes, and I know your fellow challengers appreciated it.  That's what we're after-successes!