WHY? Because It's Hard!

Why do we nearly kill ourselves day after day?  Because that's what it takes to see progress--CONSISTENCY.  You will only see progress after you SHOW UP, at least 3 times week, and eat QUALITY FOOD, much more often than not, for 6 weeks.  THEN, and ONLY THEN, will you see progress. No matter what someone else tells you, or PROMISES, it won't happen.  Why?  Because they're a LIAR.  It takes hard work, on a consistent basis, to see progress.  Then you do it again, for 6 more weeks, then again, and again.  "But that's too hard."  "I don't like to sweat."  "I need at least 1 soda to feel good every day."  "I love French fries."  "I don't want to drink water."  Guess what.  I DON'T CARE!  NOBODY CARES!  Because we all feel the same way.  We all love French fries.  We'd all rather have a soda, or a drink, than water.  The workouts are hard for all of us.  We're all too old.  We don't like being soaked in sweat.  BUT we do it anyway, because CONSISTENCY leads to PROGRESS, and that's what we're after.  Better tomorrow than we were yesterday, because of HARD WORK today.  The reality is, it's not gonna get any easier-and you wouldn't want it to!