Nutrition - use it, or you won't lose it.


“Do This Exercise to Burn Stubborn Belly-Fat”  I know you’ve read it.  So time for a little Fact-check:  Nope-Not possible.  Sorry, but No exercise is capable of burning fat in a specific place on the body.  For the best fat-burning effect on the body, we need to work a Variety of multi-joint exercises to produce the best bang for your buck to jump-start your metabolism into fat-burning mode.  But still, you cannot choose where to trim body-fat from, outside of surgery that is.  And guess what--If you’re still eating high-processed foods, high in carbs, you’re not going to burn body-fat.  You’ll just get fatter.  So to get rid of unwanted body-fat, get your NUTRITION under control.  We’re here to help.