The OPEN-what's the big deal?

What’s so Special About the Open

I’m not moving on to the next round of competition-I’m not even going to be Number 1 in my gym.

But I will do things I did not think I was capable of doing.  During past Opens, I was able to for the first time ever, squat clean 165 lbs., and also do a bar muscle-up, clean and jerk 175 lbs., squat,  lunge-step, and clean & jerk with 50-lb. dumbells  Would I have been able to get there without the Open?  Maybe, probably, but I know for sure it would’ve taken a whole lot longer, if ever.  I’ve never walked away after an Open Workout saying, “Gosh, I wish I wouldn’t have done that.”  And I’ve never heard an athlete I’ve judged or coached in the Open say that either.