Coaching Expertise

Licensed Occupational Therapist -- Experienced with wide-range of injuries and movement dysfunctions

Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer -- Only Level 3 trainer in Kansas City area

Level 2 Trainers -- We value education & experience, which helps you reach your goals!!


Limited Class Sizes

Limited Memberships --
We coach people who desire improved health and performance-not just anyone.

Small Class Sizes --  Smaller client to trainer ratio, allowing for more individual attention.


Location / Setting

Regulated temperature -
Central Heat & Air -- no frozen barbells in winter, or extra summer humidity

Natural Lighting --
Large Windows, which equals Sunshine


Access /  Equipment

Equipment --
Up to date, no leaking med balls

Cleanliness --
Clean Equipment, Clean Bathrooms

Kids area --  Play area or TV, you choose