June Athlete of the Month - Caitlin Borge

Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them for the effort they put into their fitness as well as the effort they put into building our awesome community. This athlete is someone who gives it their best consistently and is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals.  They are all about helping those around them become the best version of themselves and inspire those around them.

Caitlin Borge.png

Caitlin Borge

Tell us something we don’t know about you and your family.

My husband Mike and I met when we both worked for Clarks (the shoe company) in Newton, MA.  He never wanted to leave the East Coast, but I convinced him to move to Kansas in 2014.  We were married in 2011 and have 3 awesome kids Kingsley 7, Cannon 5, and Fox 2 and their birthdays are all in June!


I’m a stay at home mom and I babysit another sweet little 2 year old full timeJ

Hobbies, Talents, Skills outside of CrossFit?

Shopping, eating, reading, watching real housewives… My talents are really endless

When did you start CrossFit? April 2019

What did you think after completing your first CrossFit workout?

I thought I would hate it, but I actually really liked it, so I went back again and again.  It can be scaled to any ability level and was not as intimidating as I had perceived it to be.   

Main reason for joining BVCF?

Tom and Eric made class times really convenient for me by scheduling them around preschool drop off and pick up.  I also like the way the classes are set up starting with a warm up, then some lifting and cardio at the end.  Plus I get to workout outside of my house with my friends!

What is your fitness background?

I played tennis in 4th grade.  And I’ve done a couple beach body programs

How has BVCF changed your life?

I’m less intimidated to work out in front of people and am more confident in trying new things.

What results have you seen so far since coming to BVCF?

I’m stronger and have more definition in my muscles. 

What is your favorite workout or lift? Box jumps and deadlifts

Least favorite? Snatches

Proudest moment at BVCF? That one time I did a double under

What is your CrossFit goal in the next 6 months? Beyond?

I want to climb the rope and RX one metcon.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit?

Just show up and then keep showing up. 

Favorite motto or inspirational quote?

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”