August Athlete of the Month - Angie Lanigan

Blue Valley CrossFit Athlete of the month

Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them for the effort they put into their fitness as well as the effort they put into building our awesome community. This athlete is someone who gives it their best consistently and is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals.  They are all about helping those around them become the best version of themselves and inspire those around them.

Tell us something we don’t know about you and your family.

My lifelong dream is to visit an Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.

Occupation? I am a Registered Dietitian, working as a Research Project Manager.

Hobbies, Talents, Skills outside of CrossFit? I enjoy reading and spending time at the Lake. I really like to waterski and wakeboard, but I couldn’t get up out of the water recently after a two year break from skiing. I haven’t had to waterski on two skis since I was about 9 years old. I am determined to slalom ski by Labor Day. I will be training my forearms at CrossFit for the rest of the summer!  

When did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit in March after Eric and Tom took over the gym.

What did you think after completing your first CrossFit workout? Since overhead squat was the lift at my first workout, I can’t say that I was in love. Mostly, I felt awkward and weak! But, I was really motivated to see how quickly I could build strength, so I was willing to give it 10 classes.

Main reason for joining BVCF? The facility where I had been working out for several years closed at the same time that Eric and Tom took over Blue Valley CrossFit. Eric and Kristin are good friends of mine and I’ve seen how committed Eric has been to CrossFit over the past several years. I felt like it was a good time to take the opportunity to try a new fitness routine. After I completed my 10 session class pack, I saw dramatic improvements in how much I could lift and found that I really enjoyed the community and coaches at BVCF, so I decided to join.

What is your fitness background? I participated in sports throughout middle and high school. I worked out off and on at boot camps and gyms until my first child was born. I took a hiatus from fitness for a few years while my oldest kids were young, but started consistently working out at a group fitness facility about 4.5 years ago and started trying to introduce heavy “weightlifting” into my routine last year.

How has BVCF changed your life? Honestly, I never thought that I would ever use a barbell and lift heavy weights. I’m really proud of how much progress I have made in the past four months. I would not have had the confidence to show up at a gym like Lifetime and do any of the weightlifting workouts. Thanks to John and Eric, I have some idea what I’m doing and I don’t shy away from trying a difficult workout.

What results have you seen so far since coming to BVCF? When I first started, I failed doing just a back squat with the bar and I could barely do any upper body strength exercises. I’ve doubled the amount that I can lift! Maybe someday I’ll do a pull-up!

What is your favorite workout or lift? I think Deadlift is my favorite. But, I feel so cool when I nail a good power snatch!

Least favorite? Overhead squat

Proudest moment at BVCF? I can’t think of one specific one, but I always appreciate when Eric and John push me to add a little more weight for a lift and I do it. Actually, I fail a lot, but that’s ok. It takes me a few tries to get a new PR.

What is your CrossFit goal in the next 6 months? Beyond? I would really like to squat more than 100 pounds in the next few months. I’m working to run faster too. At next year’s Murph Challenge, I just want to run without thinking I am going to keel over.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit? Just keep showing up! Be proud of every accomplishment!

Favorite motto or inspirational quote? Comparison is the thief of joy. Teddy Roosevelt