5 Simple Tricks To Lose Weight

Looking to ramp your fat loss? Before you do an hour of steady-state cardio or bookend your workouts with burpees and mountain climbers, consider how CrossFit can help you burn fat. In fact, whether you're a hardcore lifter who does nothing but push iron or a runner who logs miles, adding aspects of CrossFit to your training routine could boost your training and results.

Take one look at the best of the best CrossFit athletes, and it's clear just how muscular and fit—not to mention ripped—these individuals are. You don't have to be intimidated by CrossFit because of people like that. Those are professional athletes that train all day every day. And yet they were all new to CrossFit at one time and they understand where you are coming from. Look at those people as mentors to help guide you on your journey. You will not find a more supportive community than at a CrossFit gym.

1. Check Your Goals

When it comes to maximizing your fat loss, having clearly defined goals is key. There's a reason specific CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day) are posted before training starts; they instantly give you a sense of purpose.

"Setting goals will keep you motivated," one client says. The key? Make your goals realistic and attainable. If you set a goal that is out of reach from the start, it's only a matter of time before you grow discouraged. It's human nature.

Before you even begin your journey, take some time to write down 4-5 specific goals you hope to achieve. They should concern "show" and "go"—your body composition and your fitness performance. Write these goals down and place them where you'll see them daily. You want that constant reminder. The more consistent you are, the more results you'll see!

2. Give Benchmark Workouts a Try

One great idea is to learn all the CrossFit bodyweight benchmark workouts and do them regularly. These workouts will put you to the test while giving you a good sense of your base fitness level. These are all primarily bodyweight workouts that focus more on cardio and less on strength.

Names like "Helen," "Kelly," and "Barbara" may not sound intimating, but don't be fooled. Helen, for example, challenges you to complete three rounds of a 400-meter run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups as quickly as possible. Not able to do a pullup? No worries! More than half of people at CrossFit gyms can't. You are able to scale each component to help build your strength until you can do a pullup. And the feeling you get when the whole class erupts, seeing you do your first pull up is priceless!

We recommend beginners start out with 2-3 CrossFit workouts a week. Advanced lifters can challenge themselves with 4-5 weekly workouts.

Since many workouts are bodyweight focused, you can do them at a higher frequency. Still, always listen to your body, and rest if you need to.

3. Approach Fitness as a Lifestyle

We firmly believes CrossFit is a lifestyle. It isn't something that occupies only 30-60 minutes per day. It's not a sport to dabble in; it's an intense way of working out that demands you take into account your  recovery and nutrition.

Even if you're not ready to become a CrossFit competitor, approaching your training as an integral part of a bigger picture can help turn your habit into a lifestyle. Tightening up your diet, for example, can both aid recovery and fuel your workouts.

It is recommended that you make the necessary changes to your nutrition routine to see the best results, starting with baby steps, to gradually improving your diet to include enough nutrients to support your activity level. You might start with removing your worst cheat meal, and once that's gone, eliminate the next worst. Sugary drinks should be one thing to go right away. We know that it's tough to say goodbye to things that you love, but this is your health and it's time to take charge!

4. Try Tabata

Tabata has proven to be an effective way to shed fat and keep lean muscle mass. It's basically your standard high-intensity interval training (HIIT) taken to a whole new level: 20 seconds of all-out work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Combine an intense cardio exercise with a resistance movement, and the 20 seconds you are working for will feel like a lifetime once the 4-minute workout is up.

We recommend that you keep the pace going for the full 40 minutes, switching couplets every 4 minutes and taking one breather in between. Constantly changing workouts keep your body guessing and will turn on that after-burn effect to maximize your workouts.

5. Build a Community and Get Support

If there's one thing anyone who's ever done CrossFit knows, it's that once you join a CrossFit gym, you become part of a new family.

CrossFit is all about community and building relationships that will last a lifetime. It's a group of people all in the same environment to better themselves. It's not a place to come in put your headphones on and casually workout for two hours. You are engaged with people and you are efficient in your workouts.

And accountability? None better than at a CrossFit gym. Your new friends will make sure you stay committed and will push you to reach your goals.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who will push you to support your efforts—and text you when you don't show up at the gym!

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Tom Tkachuk