September Athlete of the Month - Nate Hostetler

Blue Valley CrossFit Athlete of the month

Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them for the effort they put into their fitness as well as the effort they put into building our awesome community. This athlete is someone who gives it their best consistently and is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals.  They are all about helping those around them become the best version of themselves and inspire those around them.

Tell us something we don’t know about you and your family.

I was raised on a Dairy Farm in Harper, KS.  I milked cows until I was 18 and left for college at Emporia State University.  Kasey and I have 4 kids, Knox 7, Lennon 5, Breck (almost) 3 and Luca (almost) 1.


Information Technology Consultant

Hobbies, Talents, Skills outside of CrossFit?

With 4 young kids I’m not allowed to have time for anything else.  I’m really good at Honey-Do lists and laundry!

When did you start CrossFit?

April 1, 2019.  I did it previously about 10 years ago so I was pretty familiar with the process already.

What did you think after completing your first CrossFit workout?

WOW, I’m out of shape!  But, I liked it a lot.

Main reason for joining BVCF?

I used to go to our gym at work every morning at 6.  After Luca was born, in August of 2018, I started staying home in the morning to help get the kids around.  I quickly lost all progress and started feeling sluggish and tired.  I needed to do something different and this time around I really wanted a coach/program.

What is your fitness background?

I’ve consistently worked out and ran ever since college but I’ve always done it on my own.  The challenge with that is that I felt like I always hit a plateau and didn’t know how to get past it.

How has BVCF changed your life?

Working out at 5:30am get my day off to a great start.  I have so much more energy, I’m stronger and feel so much better about my health.

What results have you seen so far since coming to BVCF?

So much stronger, especially legs and core and my BMI is much lower.

What is your favorite workout or lift?

I loved doing Murph but a long, challenging Metcon is always a “joy”.

Least favorite?

1.      Snatch

2.      Snatch

3.      Snatch

4.      Snatch

5.      Overhead Squats

See a trend?

Proudest moment at BVCF?

Any PR is a proud moment but seeing my leg strength increase dramatically has been awesome.  I have always struggled with “leg day”.

What is your CrossFit goal in the next 6 months? Beyond?

Keep showing up and keep progressing.  The results will come when you do the work.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit?

Keep showing up, ask questions and keep working.  Your body will do things your mind doesn’t think you’re capable of.

Favorite motto or inspirational quote?

Nobody Cares, Work Harder

Tom Tkachuk